We monitor local and national publications for the latest news. Instead of actually just being an aggregator we post our take and commentary along with the latest events and news about local property and commercial development.


Our goal is to focus on data. When we analyze future projects we want to make sure everything is based on valid research and data. The philosophy is to answer questions using facts and figures. There are tons of great things to do in Tempe.


We we look at news and research data we are in essence looking to find out what the future trends are going to be. This is a great way of predicting the best investment opportunities or how to relocate current holdings.

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Inventory Single Family Properties Remain Low Currently, experts agree that Phoenix will continue experience the growth in its metropolitan housing […]

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  For those who are thinking of owning a house in Phoenix, Flagstaff, or Prescott someday, they are advised to […]

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Largest Residential Developments

  Things are looking good for rental properties in Phoenix, as the demand continues to grow. In 2015, as indicated […]

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