PREM better known as seal phoenix listings is up and running with a focus on the local property trends and news.  If you know of any resources or would like to make a guest post please contact us via the contact form.  Please follow us on twitter and all social media platforms.  If your social media page is about the local market please contact us so we can follow you back.  We are always looking to post new information and we are asking for the community especially industry and agents to help us.

In the coming months we want to feature a section for first time home owners.  If you have sold a property to a new home owner please contact us with a picture so we can post it and tell their story. We want to focus on tips and tricks for new home owners in Arizona.  This is going to be a section about case studies.  We want to outline out the process of how they picked the right home.  How they obtained financing.  Any stumbling blocks they had to over come particularly in putting in a contract with a bid and also getting financing.  The goal is to build it to become a resource for first time buyers in Arizona.